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A Gluten-Free Bakery in Michigan: Why We Do Gluten-Free

You've likely seen gluten joked about on comedy sketch shows or in quirky history lessons, but why is it avoided and how does it affect baking? Let's break it down.

What is Gluten? Gluten is a set of proteins found in food items. In baked goods, a high gluten dough creates chewiness in bread and bouncy elasticity in noodles. Nowadays, it's also added to processed foods as a binding ingredient.

Where is Gluten Found in Foods?Gluten is naturally occurring in wheat, barley, and rye, but is now found in foods across the board, including condiments, drinks, and snack foods. Sometimes, gluten is found in processed items or fully-cooked meals simply because of cross-contamination, a process where gluten and non-gluten items intermingle or share surfaces or tools, allowing trace amounts of gluten to enter the non-gluten dish.

Why Avoid Gluten?While gluten-free eating is a popular dietary preference, many people can’t eat gluten because of a medical need. Celiac Disease is a common autoimmune disorder that triggers a reaction in the small intestine with the consumption of gluten, ultimately leading to malnutrition. Other common medical concerns include wheat allergies, gluten ataxia, and gluten sensitivities.

Nova Supernatural Bakery Gluten-Free Goods Why focus on gluten-free treats made in Muskegon, MI? “First and foremost, one of NOVA's main missions is to provide high-quality products using the best ingredients,” says Owner & Operator, Addy Kinziger, RD. “I have used my skills as a pastry chef and knowledge as a dietitian to create the best-tasting products with health in mind.”

NOVA Super.Natural.Bakery uses its gluten-free flour blends to make products where you can’t tell the difference. Each ingredient has a purpose, from absorbing excess moisture to building structure in cakes and cookies. Gluten-free eaters may have experienced gritty or gummy textures in mass-produced allergen products, but one bite of our ‘faux’caccia will have guests saying, “Who needs gluten?”

Kinziger explains that many NOVA Super.Natural.Bakery guests are new to a gluten-free diet, and are rediscovering high-quality food products. When this happens, she recommends our hazelnut biscotti, buckwheat brownies, brown butter cookies, shortbreads, and of course, hand-painted chocolate bonbons. She loves to chat and answer questions, and feel the appreciation from her Muskegon community!

Do you still have questions about gluten-free eating and how to invest in quality baked goods in Michigan? Head to our ‘Contact’ page to reach out!



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