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Dairy-Free Chocolate at Michigan’s NOVA Super.Natural.Bakery

Various colored Bon Bons made with dairy-free chocolate at NOVA Super.Natural.Bakery

Chocolate is a favorite treat worldwide. From the humble bean to incredible molded desserts, cocoa and everything made with it have us entranced. But those with eating restrictions can feel intimidated by a lack of options. If you’re less-than-inspired by dairy-free chocolate choices, check out NOVA Super.Natural.Bakery in Muskegon, which creates delicious allergen-friendly options for your dessert table! 

Typical Chocolate Ingredients

According to the National Confectioners Association, most natural chocolate ingredients are chocolate liquor and cocoa butter (both a product of the cocoa bean), sugar, lecithin, and vanilla or vanilla flavoring. Other common ingredients include dairy milk, fruits, and nuts.

Why is Dairy in Chocolate?

Dairy does not have to be in chocolate! In fact, a lot of dark chocolate doesn’t contain much milk at all. Dairy comes into play with milk and white chocolate, which can consist of more than 14% milk, creating that sweeter, creamier taste as opposed to dark chocolate’s delicious bitterness.

Open hot cocoa bombe made with dairy-free chocolate at NOVA Super.Natural.Bakery in Muskegon.

That being said, dairy is a common cross-contamination risk in processed foods. Per the Food and Drug Administration, chocolate is the worst offender for undeclared milk content, mainly caused by milk and dark chocolate created with the same machinery. Label reading is important when searching for dairy-free chocolate - be sure to search for words like “nonfat milk solids, whey, and full-fat cream.

Why Choose Dairy-Free Chocolate

Many people avoid dairy - from lactose intolerance to milk allergies, to vegan lifestyles! There can also be a preference in taste - rich dark chocolate has a distinct flavor from the more mild milk chocolate. Whatever the reason, chocoholics with dietary concerns are in luck - this popular treat comes in plenty of dairy-free and vegan options!

Dairy Alternatives in Chocolate

Those who love a creamy chocolate product but are concerned about dairy intake can rejoice: milk replacements work equally as well! Almond milk, oat milk, rice milk, and other alternatives make delicious and unique cocoa creations.

Star Wars figures made of dairy-free chocolate at NOVA Super.Natural.Bakery, Muskegon.

Nova Supernatural Bakery Allergen-Friendly Chocolate 

We know that finding allergen-friendly chocolate is important. NOVA Super.Natural.Bakery owner, Addy Kinziger, explains that “everyone deserves a treat that isn't going to cause pain or discomfort!” 

Our bakery uses 72% couverture from Guittard to make our dark chocolate products, which contain no dairy and are safe for both gluten-free and dairy-free eaters. Some of our favorite dairy-free products include our breakfast cookies, house-made marshmallows, dipped gluten-free Oreos, “faux”-caccia bread, fruit gummies, Magic Chocolate Powder (which makes amazing hot chocolate!), all dark chocolate products, and a selection of chocolate bonbons (including Peanut Butter, Mint Meltaway, Hazelnut, and Tahini). 

Looking for a way to enjoy gluten-free chocolates, confections, or pastries? NOVA Super.Natural.Bakery has redefined the world of gluten-free baking with universal indulgences made for you. CONTACT US to place your order today. 

NOTE: At NOVA Super.Natural. Bakery, we know that cross-contamination is a concern for our allergen-focused eaters. Our kitchen gets a daily wipe-down to avoid possible cross-contamination, and we use dedicated tools to help ensure allergens are avoided. Currently, we do not operate out of a dedicated gluten-free and dairy-free kitchen, but that is our goal!


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